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Fun in Caterpillars

Its been a busy first term for everyone in Caterpillars. We are really happy how well our new Caterpillars have settled in and how welcome our ‘old Caterpillars’ have made them feel.
We have all been enjoying our beautiful learning environment which had some changes over the summer holidays. There is now far less plastic and prescriptive toys and instead has a wealth of open ended, natural, real-life and exciting ‘open ended’ resources and curiosities. We have watched our children’s confidence grow as they have explored the environment both indoors and outdoors and have observed an abundance of freely chosen exciting and creative play ideas.
We have just begun delivering some adult led activities each week . Namely Funky Fingers and ‘Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle’ to help us develop the skills we need for writing and Explore time to support us in our language, maths and mark making skills. We hope to begin our ‘Helicopter Stories’ after half term.
We have also had our first P.E sessions in the hall where we warmed up, danced freely to some upbeat tunes and learnt the moves to the old classic ‘Superman’!
This week following children’s interest in the changing seasons we have learnt about Autumn. We have threaded leaves, painted pumpkins and had our first experience of sewing . We have also been singing song called ‘All the leaves are falling down’. A busy first term!

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