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Breakfast Bagel Bar launch

Bagel Bar 9This week we launched a free breakfast Bagel Bar for all of our children .As part of the National Schools Breakfast Programme, the Mayor and Mayoress of Swindon attended the launch at our school on Wednesday 16th January.

Children are now able to pick up a fresh, warm bagel every day, as they arrive at school, while also enjoying a few extra minutes with their friends in the playground as they eat. We believe that breakfast is an important meal of the day for children. Research shows that children who eat a healthy breakfast can concentrate more and are less disruptive than those who are hungry.

We applied to be part of the programme because we recognise that mornings are such busy times for many parents and children can go without food before school. Our bagel bar ensures every child has an opportunity to eat before they start school and no child will be too hungry to learn.

The National Schools Breakfast Programme is being delivered across the UK by two charities: Family Action and Magic Breakfast. For more information please see: https://www.family-action.org.uk/what-we-do/children-families/breakfast/

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