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About Millbrook

Millbrook Primary School is a 1.5 form entry primary school in the residential area of Freshbrook, Swindon. It has an annual intake of 45 pupils (1.5 form), which results in some mixed year group classes. Millbrook Primary School benefits from a stunningly designed, modern, light, purpose-built building which opened in 2009.

We will endeavour to ensure that Millbrook School is kept open for every day during the academic year. However there are rare occasions, when due to extreme weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, the school or part of the school may need to close. On these days school will communicate with all parties via text message and the school website.

Headteacher’s Welcome

I would like to warmly welcome you to the Millbrook Primary School website and let you know how very proud I am of the achievements made by the school over recent years. I’d also like to thank all pupils, staff, governors, parents and members of the local community for their hard work in making our school the wonderful place it is today.

The Senior Leadership Team are continuing to drive school improvement in teaching and learning. We are determined to achieve excellence and ensure that every child at Millbrook fulfils their potential. We have an exciting and varied curriculum, which enthuses children and supports them in making the best progress they can. “Pupils enjoy their learning, including the visits and visitors to the school. The school provides well for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through a wide variety of experiences. Pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.” Ofsted June 2015.

The Foundation Stage, which includes Caterpillar Pre- School, continues to give our children a fantastic start to their education and was judged Outstanding by Ofsted. “Early years provision is outstanding. Children quickly settle into an extremely engaging and exciting environment. They make an excellent start in their reading, writing and understanding of numbers.” Ofsted June 2015.

During our last inspection we were judged to be a Good School overall. The inspection report found “The quality of teaching is good. The leadership team has ensured an improvement in the quality of teaching through rigorous monitoring and support. This has helped to develop teachers’ skills to ensure pupils make good progress.” “High expectations lead to good behaviour throughout the school. Pupils show respect to each other, and are polite, welcoming and friendly to visitors to the school.”

Our priorities for 2018 – 2019 are;


    • Resilience – having the perseverance to succeed and not giving up when things get though.
    • Everybody achieving – all pupils making progress, regardless of their starting points.
    • Assess to progress – high quality feedback that helps children move on in their learning.
    • Challenge Champions – everyone being challenged to fulfil their potential every day.
    • Happy and Healthy – for all pupils in the school to be happy during their time at school and become more healthy both physically and emotionally.

The Ark, our Specialist resourced provision for children with complex leaning needs, provides a fantastic learning environment and a high level of integration into the mainstream for nine pupils.

We continue to offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including clubs for sports, craft, cycling, gardening and music, which many children participate in and ‘The Hub’ continues to provide convenient, high quality, affordable child care both before and after school.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you on our journey towards providing the best possible primary education for the children of West Swindon.

Mrs Karen Pyman – Headteacher

Aims, Vision and Ethos

At Millbrook Primary School, we value learning and see it as a lifelong process. We seek to create an open and creative community where all are valued, supported and challenged. Everyone receives regular praise and encouragement to be the best they can possibly be and we work towards making people feel good.

Our learning community is based on honesty, integrity and responsibility borne out of mutual respect and kindness towards each other.

At Millbrook Primary School we respond to challenges in creative and flexible ways which demonstrate our values and inspire a positive culture. We continually aim for excellence by providing a high quality education for each young person in a caring and safe environment.

At Millbrook we:

  • Will provide a safe, dynamic and nurturing environment for all;
  • Will respect each other and treat others in the way that we would want to be treated ourselves; – we actively support and monitor equal opportunities and are sensitive to the issues of race, gender, social background and culture. Feeling good about ourselves raises self esteem and gives us the confidence to be the best that we can be.
  • Will all work together to make learning enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone; – lifelong learning is a goal for us all and learning is about passion and ambition with quality at its heart.
  • Strive to give everyone the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions, dreams and goals and recognise everyone’s achievements.
  • We will seek to unlock talent and for every member of our community to achieve excellence and fulfil their potential in every way possible. Our expectation is for all of us to be the best we can be.
  • Will work together to build good relationships within and beyond the school gates; – we seek to be responsible citizens and actively promote community responsibility. We are members of local, regional, national and global communities and we seek to engender amongst learners a sense of tolerance, understanding and integrity.
  • Value every person as we positively promote equal opportunities; – everyone having an entitlement to education and support. Through the active promotion of equality of opportunity, we demonstrate how much we value each other.

Future generations will need to thrive in a challenging and fast paced environment. At Millbrook Primary School we want every individual to flourish whilst preparing to meet these challenges.

Our Values

At Millbrook we aim to produce thoughtful, confident citizens that understand, respect and promote the values of our country and society. So how do we go about doing this?

Firstly, all the adults in the school, lead by example and model fairness, justice and respect for others at all times. Everyone is treated equally, regardless of race, religion, language, age or ability. We find time to talk to each other and learn about each other, valuing differences, always using good manners and speaking politely. The older children demonstrate expected behaviours and attitudes to the younger children and we make sure that small things, like a smile or a sticker, are valued and appreciated.

Secondly, we teach democracy and social responsibility through our School Council and through our curriculum. Each year the Y6 make a visit to the Houses of Parliament and have previously met with Robert Buckland, our local MP, and watched part of a debate in the House of Commons.

We have regular assemblies that focus on the themes of respect, taking responsibility and working cooperatively, to make sure that the understanding and respect we have for each other is applied to the whole community and everyone we meet. We also have regular assemblies and events that focus on current affairs, locally, nationally and internationally.