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Egyptians in Year 3 & 4

Our topic this term is Egyptians! We have had an exciting start to our topic with an ancient mummy taking up residence in the studio! The children had to explore this mysterious tomb using only torches. It was a bit spooky!

The Iron Age – Year 3 and 4

During our Iron Age topic we were lucky to have an amazing visitor in early October, the children were able to experience the Iron Age with weapons and animal skins! For our WOW finisher we had an Iron Age camp fire with soup and story telling. It has been a great topic.

Just Joshing!

On Tuesday 4th April Years 2 to 6 watched a fantastic anti-bullying production called ‘Just Joshing’ by Firehorse productions. The children were enthralled and learned a lot to consolidate their understanding of bullying and how to stop it. Thank you to all the parents who have completed our on-line anti-bullying questionnaire. If you want to read our anti-bullying policy, please see the policies section on…
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Year 4 Rugby

Training with Bath Rugby Club!!…
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Volcanoes in Year 3 & 4

Year 3 & 4 enjoy making Volcanoes from modroc…
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Year 3/4 “Wow Starter”

Year 3/4 started the year with a bang! Our topic this term is called ‘Active Planet’ and the teachers and support staff did an amazing job of recreating  scenes of an earthquake hitting the school! The children were reporters and had to access the chaotic scene, making notes on their clipboards on what they could see and hear. They then created questions and asked them…
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Learning about London…

Ladybirds and Bumblebees loved learning all about London and it was made even better with our ‘buddies’ in Year 3 and 4 becoming our tour guides! They made leaflets and fact files as well as amazing models to teach us all about the places that they had visited on their trip to London. Thank you ‘buddies’, you made our learning even more fun!

Year 3 & 4 London Trip

Years 3 & 4 experienced the sights and sounds of London on a recent trip…
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Dragons Den

Four children from Year 3 & 4 represented the school in a Dragon’s Den style challenge at Lydiard Park Academy. They had to design a healthy snack and present their ideas to the panel of dragons. They came up with the brilliant idea of fruit pizzas and, with Mrs Muldoon’s help, produced a fantastic product. The children’s presented their product well and certainly looked…
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Temples, Tombs and Treasure – Year 3/4 Ancient Egypt topic

Year 3/4 started off their new topic with a visit to the inside of an ancient tomb. The children experienced the smells, sounds and relics that would have been experienced in Ancient Egyptian times. It was a creepy experience for some and there were some teachers that needed to have their hand held!!!!