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The Glory of Rome

Year 3 and 4 have been studying the Romans this term. They have been exploring different designs and symbols used on their shields and the meanings behind them before creating their own design and completed shields. Can you tell what their interests were?

Champions For Change – Year 5 & 6

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 have been finding out about influential people in history.  They have studied Emily Davison and Emmeline Pankhurst who were key figures in the suffragette movement.  They led militant protests and campaigns to earn women the right to vote.  

Story of the Week – “The Gruffalo”

In Ladybirds and Bumblebees we enjoyed listening to our story of the week, The Gruffalo! The children created their own Monsters and labelled them. They also enjoyed making Gruffalo Krispie cakes!  

Ladybirds & Bumblebees – “Whatever Next”

We enjoyed listening to our story of the week, Whatever Next! The children created story maps of the story, wrote a list of things they would take to space and created their own rockets.

Millbrook Movers Challenge

This term the children had a Millbrook Movers challenge to get out and be active outside of school with their families. Lots of children completed all of the challenges that were set and they were entered into our grand prize draw to win their very own sports watch! Santa, of course, drew the winner, who was Lachlan in Ladybirds. Congratulations to everyone who took…
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Children in Need

Thank you so much for your support we raised £321.

Year 1 enjoying porridge!

Year one finished off their traditional tales topic by reading and following instructions to make their own porridge – just like the 3 bears! They thoroughly enjoyed the final process which was, of course, eating and enjoying!

Harvest collection for Swindon Food Collective

At this time of year we usually hold our Harvest Service at Freshbrook Church but as things are a little different this year and we still want to support Swindon Food Collective, we are asking children to bring in items which the Food Collective need at the moment. As shops have donated lots of food recently they really need cleaning items to help families…
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House building in Year 1!

Year 1 have been busy learning about Traditional Tales this term. They have enjoyed using different materials to construct their own houses – just like the 3 little pigs! They used scientific vocabulary to describe the houses such as rigid, strong, rough, smooth, flimsy and sturdy. They predicted which material would be the strongest and then tried them out.

Our first few weeks in Bumblebees and Ladybirds

We have been very busy in Bumblebees and Ladybirds learning lots of new skills. We have been practising writing our names independently. We have also sorted the letters from our names into the right order. We have enjoyed doing ‘Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle’. The children learn new gross motor movements to music. They will dance using the movements and then mark large gross motor…
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