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At Millbrook we are committed to teaching a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges all of our pupils and enriches their life experience. As of September 2014 in line with Government initiative Millbrook is delivering the New Curriculum.

Term 1 The Great, the Brave and the Bold Part 1
Term 2 The Great, The Brave and the Bold Part 2
Term 3 Building a Village
Term 4 Inventions
Term 5 Fairgrounds
Term 6 North America


North America


    Year 5

  • Multiplication
  • Time zones
  • Money & decimals
  • Fraction investigations
    Year 6

  • Times zones
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Understanding measurements
  • Understanding number
  • Investigation



Writing Opportunities

    Leon and the Place Beyond

  • Poetry
  • Information sheet about North America
  • Planning a trip to Yosemite National Park


  • Speech – setting out correctly
  • Commas to clarify meaning
  • Formal tone
  • Passive voice


Word lists to learn at home


  • Leon and the Place Beyond

Guided reading -

  • Nelson





  • Continents & countries
  • Comparing landscapes
  • Comparing climates
  • Comparing places


    • Death – Different perceptions, different religions


Scheme :Jolie Ronde


  • Life expectancy graph
  • Charming worms
  • Classifying liquids
  • The brain and memory


  • Principles of cricket and rounders -
  • Striking and fielding
  • Throwing and catching under pressure
  • Bat and ball techniques


Scheme – Rising Stars Switched onto Computing

  • Email
  • Branching/databses
  • Simulations

 Creative Arts

  • Learn about great artists, architects and designers in history in the context of American artists John Singer Sargent, Helen Frankenthaler and Mary Cassatt
  • Modelling – Building Block Houses
  • Landscapes


  • Changing Me

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Recent updates from Falcon class

  • Millbrook celebrates the Royal Wedding

    We had an amazing afternoon in the beautiful weather on Friday 18th May. The event started with a family picnic on the field, with the packed lunches served in Union Jack boxes. The children then entertained the audience by taking part in various events such as the Kings and Queens Parade, maypole dancing, country dancing, singing nursery rhymes and wedding songs, a wedding hat parade, morris dancing, by our very own Millbrook Maurice Men!, and a rousing finale of traditional…
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    • Calendar icon May 24, 2018
  • Just Joshing!

    On Tuesday 4th April Years 2 to 6 watched a fantastic anti-bullying production called ‘Just Joshing’ by Firehorse productions. The children were enthralled and learned a lot to consolidate their understanding of bullying and how to stop it. Thank you to all the parents who have completed our on-line anti-bullying questionnaire. If you want to read our anti-bullying policy, please see the policies section on our website. At Millbrook we are dedicated to ‘blowing the whistle’ on bullying and banning it…
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    • Calendar icon April 5, 2017
  • Sainsbury’s Active Kids Voucher collection

    Millbrook are again collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers this year which are available to collect from all Sainsbury’s stores, petrol stations and when ordering online from Wednesday 25th January. Last year we collected 6529 vouchers which enabled us to purchase some items for the outside area in KS1, this included a giant crossword connect, a camouflage wigwam and a sandbox. The more vouchers collected, the more equipment your children can benefit from in their P.E. lessons, playtime and at after school clubs, so let’s…
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    • Calendar icon January 25, 2017
  • Anti-bullying Week

    The children have been busy making anti-bullying displays to put up in their classrooms to remind them of the ‘Power for Good’. The displays will help the children to understand the difference between bullying and being unkind/mean. They will also help the children to identify different types of bullying and what to do if they see bullying happening at Millbrook.

    • Calendar icon November 25, 2016
  • Anti-bullying Week 14th – 18th November 2016

    This week is anti-bullying week. The teachers kick started the week by dressing up as ‘power for good’ superheroes. Over the course of the week the children will be taking part in lots different activities to refresh their knowledge of what bullying is and how to report it. They will also be making anti-bullying posters and the winning design from each year will be made into a poster to be displayed around school. At Millbrook we have a zero tolerance…
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    • Calendar icon November 16, 2016
  • Children in Need

    At the end of last term we had a special visitor in school, Pudsey Bear came and met all the children to encourage everyone to take part in Children in Need fundraising this year and it certainly worked as we raised the fantastic total of £541. £306 from donations for wearing our “spotty” clothes and £235 from the sale of the amazing cakes that you all made. Congratulations to the winners of the cake competition who were; Foundation stage –…
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    • Calendar icon November 3, 2016