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At Millbrook we are committed to teaching a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges all of our pupils and enriches their life experience. As of September 2014 in line with Government initiative Millbrook is delivering the New Curriculum.

Term 1 The Iron Age
Term 2 What’s on the Menu?
Term 3 Egyptians
Term 4 Fossils and Rocks
Term 5 London
Term 6 The Nature of Life



  • Calendars
  • Time
  • Measurements


Writing Opportunities

    • Wow starter – The Egyptian mummy at Millbrook!
    • The Egyptian Cinderella
    • Newspaper reports


  • Grammar Hammer


  • Word lists to learn at home
  • No nonsense spelling scheme


    • The Egyptian Cinderella
    • Guided reading daily
    • Weekly buddy reading with Ladybirds and Bumblebees



  • Timeline of Ancient Egypt
  • Howard Cater’s discovery
  • Egyptian artefacts


  • Key physical features of Ancient Eygpt and The Nile
  • 8 compass points


  • Hinduism

 MFL - French

Scheme : Jolie Ronde

          • Basic conversation
          • Colours


Jigsaw Scheme

          • Dreams and Goals


Scheme: Rising Stars Switched on Computing

          • I movie


            • Investigating skills


          • Hockey
          • Indoor sports
          • Year 3 – swimming

 Creative Arts

          • Hieroglyphics
          • Egyptian portraits
          • Music – Charanga music scheme

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Recent updates from Otter class

  • Egyptians in Year 3 & 4

    Our topic this term is Egyptians! We have had an exciting start to our topic with an ancient mummy taking up residence in the studio! The children had to explore this mysterious tomb using only torches. It was a bit spooky!

    • Calendar icon January 9, 2018
  • The Iron Age – Year 3 and 4

    During our Iron Age topic we were lucky to have an amazing visitor in early October, the children were able to experience the Iron Age with weapons and animal skins! For our WOW finisher we had an Iron Age camp fire with soup and story telling. It has been a great topic.

    • Calendar icon October 20, 2017
  • Just Joshing!

    On Tuesday 4th April Years 2 to 6 watched a fantastic anti-bullying production called ‘Just Joshing’ by Firehorse productions. The children were enthralled and learned a lot to consolidate their understanding of bullying and how to stop it. Thank you to all the parents who have completed our on-line anti-bullying questionnaire. If you want to read our anti-bullying policy, please see the policies section on our website. At Millbrook we are dedicated to ‘blowing the whistle’ on bullying and banning it…
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    • Calendar icon April 5, 2017
  • Year 4 Rugby

    Training with Bath Rugby Club!!…
    Read more »

    • Calendar icon February 28, 2017
  • Year 3 & 4 visit to Sevington Victorian School

    Learning the Victorian way!…
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    • Calendar icon February 2, 2017
  • Sainsbury’s Active Kids Voucher collection

    Millbrook are again collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers this year which are available to collect from all Sainsbury’s stores, petrol stations and when ordering online from Wednesday 25th January. Last year we collected 6529 vouchers which enabled us to purchase some items for the outside area in KS1, this included a giant crossword connect, a camouflage wigwam and a sandbox. The more vouchers collected, the more equipment your children can benefit from in their P.E. lessons, playtime and at after school clubs, so let’s…
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    • Calendar icon January 25, 2017