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At Millbrook, using the National Curriculum. we are committed to teaching a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that challenges all of our pupils and enriches their lives.

Our reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree from Oxford University Press, supplemented with the “Floppy’s Phonics” scheme. We use the ” Letters and Sounds” programme to teach phonics.

Term 1 Once Upon a Time
Term 2 Inspirational Inventors
Term 3 The Great Fire of London
Term 4 The Great Fire of London
Term 5 Wish you were here… in the desert
Term 6 A Pirate’s Life for me

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Recent updates from Seahorse class

  • KS1 – Great Fire of London Workshop

    KS1 thoroughly enjoyed a workshop from Freshwater theatre company on the Great fire of London to launch their new topic. Through drama, they learnt about everyday life in London during Stuart times; how the fire started and spread and how it was eventually brought under control. The children took on the roles of street sellers in London and important figures such as the mayor of London, Samuel Pepys and even King Charles. It was a really fun and successful day…
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    • Calendar icon January 11, 2022
  • The Dragon’s Egg!

    Year one had a strange object which appeared near their classroom. They followed a trail of scales to find an enormous shiny, green egg on a nest.They looked at the evidence to try and determine what it was…. they decided it was most likely a dragon’s egg. They produced some fantastic writing saying what they thought it could be. The dragon also set the children some challenges. I wonder if they’ll get any more visits?

    • Calendar icon February 26, 2021
  • Superheros in KS1

    KS1 staff dressed as Superheroes to introduce the new topic Historical Superheroes. The children in Year 2 became Superheroes as well by making their own Superhero masks.

    • Calendar icon February 1, 2021
  • Year 1 enjoying porridge!

    Year one finished off their traditional tales topic by reading and following instructions to make their own porridge – just like the 3 bears! They thoroughly enjoyed the final process which was, of course, eating and enjoying!

    • Calendar icon October 22, 2020
  • House building in Year 1!

    Year 1 have been busy learning about Traditional Tales this term. They have enjoyed using different materials to construct their own houses – just like the 3 little pigs! They used scientific vocabulary to describe the houses such as rigid, strong, rough, smooth, flimsy and sturdy. They predicted which material would be the strongest and then tried them out.

    • Calendar icon October 7, 2020