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Turtle Class


At Millbrook, using the National Curriculum. we are committed to teaching a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that challenges all of our pupils and enriches their lives.

Our reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree from Oxford University Press, supplemented with the “Floppy’s Phonics” scheme. We use the ” Letters and Sounds” programme to teach phonics.

Term 1 Once Upon a Time
Term 2 Let’s Celebrate
Term 3 Historical Superheroes
Term 4 Dungeons and Dragons
Term 5 Wish you were here… in the ocean
Term 6 Down on the farm

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Recent updates from Turtle class

  • Year 1 enjoying porridge!

    Year one finished off their traditional tales topic by reading and following instructions to make their own porridge – just like the 3 bears! They thoroughly enjoyed the final process which was, of course, eating and enjoying!

    • Calendar icon October 22, 2020
  • House building in Year 1!

    Year 1 have been busy learning about Traditional Tales this term. They have enjoyed using different materials to construct their own houses – just like the 3 little pigs! They used scientific vocabulary to describe the houses such as rigid, strong, rough, smooth, flimsy and sturdy. They predicted which material would be the strongest and then tried them out.

    • Calendar icon October 7, 2020
  • Alexander Graham Bell visits KS1!

    Key Stage One enjoyed a special visit from Alexander Graham Bell as their WOW starter! They had prepared questions to ask him and he was able to give them lots of information about his life. They then used this information to write fact files.

    • Calendar icon November 15, 2019
  • KS1 – Library visit

    KS1 enjoyed their recent trip to West Swindon library. The librarian told the children all about the huge variety of books on offer and they then had the chance to share a book with their friends – which they thoroughly enjoyed. The trip was then rounded off perfectly with a lovely story read to them by the librarian. They were also able to take some books back to school to enjoy.

    • Calendar icon November 5, 2019
  • Term 1 fun in Year 1 – Fables and Materials

    Seahorses and Turtles had a great first term learning all about fables and materials. We had a visit from a tortoise, investigated which material would make the strongest house, did lots of practical Maths, completed a range of exciting challenges and even visited the local Library. We can’t wait to see what term 2 brings!

    • Calendar icon November 5, 2019
  • Science in Year 1

    In Year 1 we are learning about plants and our five senses in Science. We explored different fruits, herbs and plants including lemons, basil and garlic and used our senses to describe them. We even had a go at tasting some of them!

    • Calendar icon June 25, 2019