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The school publishes policies for information and guidance. The list of published policies is extensive and is therefore split over a number of pages. See the policies below and navigate to the other pages using the next page and previous page links shown.

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At Millbrook school we believe we all work hard to provide the very best education possible and that the headteacher and other staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents. However, the school is obliged to have procedures in place in case there are complaints by parents. This policy sets out the procedure that the school follows when complaints are received.
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This policy outlines the standards employees and pupils must observe when using these systems, the circumstances in which Millbrook Primary School will monitor their use, and the action which will be taken in respect of any breaches of these standards.
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Children must have full and equal access to the National Curriculum, whatever their religion, ethnicity, first language, special educational needs or gender. The aim of this policy is to set out how that access is achieved with regard to pupils for whom English is an Additional Language and for those pupils who belong to an ethnic minority.
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As a school we will comply with local and national policies and procedures as set out in the most recent government guidance.
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Millbrook Primary School recognises the importance of good nutrition on pupils emotional and physical health and well-being and the affects this has on an individual child‟s ability to maximize their educational attainment. This policy aims to ensure that all aspects of food and nutrition in school promote the health and well being of pupils, staff and visitors to the school.
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