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Millbrook Primary School
Peatmoor Community Primary School
Shaw Ridge Primary School
Westlea Primary School

Our Vision for The Link Academies Collaborative Trust

The Link Academies Collaborative Trust is dedicated to ensuring that all pupils at the schools within the trust receive the highest quality education, allowing them to achieve their full potential and be fully prepared for their next stage of academic learning.

In November 2013, Millbrook Primary School became an academy, as part of an Umbrella Trust with three other local primary schools – Peatmoor Community Primary School, Shaw Ridge Primary School and Westlea Primary School.

Essentially, academy status provides a level of independence from local authority control. More responsibility rests with the school to control expenditure, how it is organised and the format of the education that it offers.

What is an umbrella Trust?

The Umbrella Trust model enables our schools to share expertise, resources and services more effectively and to provide an improved educational offering and support to all our pupils. It strengthens the capacity of all the schools to consistently improve educational standards.  Under our umbrella model, each school maintains its own autonomy and unique character but the schools collaborate closely on key areas for improving all aspects of our school.

Academy Trusts are all charitable companies limited by guarantee and have two layers of governance: the members of the Trust, who operate at a strategic level (they are the owners of the company, rather like shareholders) and the governors (who together make up the governing body) who have the responsibilities delegated to them by the Academy Trust. The constitution of an academy is set out in its Articles of Association which are agreed with the Secretary of State.

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