At Millbrook Primary School we believe that all children have the right to an education, regardless of their home circumstances.  We acknowledge that being a Young Carer can have an adverse effect on a young person's education.

Who are Young Carers?

Young Carers are children whose lives are affected by looking after someone in the family home.  They may be carrying out tasks and responsibilities, which are additional to those appropriate for their age.  The person they are looking after may have one or more of the following:

·         Physical disability

·         Mental health issues

·         Learning difficulties

·         Alcohol or drug misuse

·         Long term illness

·         Emotional support       

What support is offered at Millbrook Primary School?

Miss Burrows is the Young Carers Lead.  Miss Burrows meets weekly with our group of Young Carers for fun activities and a catch up on how all the Young Carers are and if they need any extra support.

During each term Miss Burrows will take our Young Carers to meet with other Young Carers from local schools - they might play at the park or have a picnic and visit places of interest.

Our Young Carers play an incredible role in the family.  We are really proud to support these children.

If you need any further information, please contact Miss Burrows.

If you wish to find out more about Swindon Young Carers, please check out their website:

They will also provide a link to the Young Carers referral form, which we can provide assistance with in school, if required.


Millbrook Young Carers voice -  What is a Young Carer?

"When you help people when they are poorly, to get them things they need like a drink and food.

Help put their shoes on.

Play with them.

Talk and listen to them and cheer them up!

Help look after the family pets.

Help with the washing and the washing up.

Water the plants."



Here are some photos of our wonderful fun trip to Lydiard Park which we shared with Peatmoor Young Carers.

We played at the play park, made nature sculptures and enjoyed fun games in and out of the trees.

A lovely fun experience for everyone.

All our Young Carers are “Super Heroes ” that why they were wearing their coats on their heads in the photos!

Young Carers

Young Carers