Here at Millbrook Primary School, our School Council is chosen by the children, for the children and to represent the children. It is inclusive and fair, with a just voting system to ensure that all who wish to have the opportunity to participate have a fair chance at having their say. We encourage our School Councillors to be independent thinkers, creative visionaries and knowledgeable about the world and the environment we live in.
These children have the opportunity to develop ideas and organise activities to both celebrate various events or anniversaries across the year as well as think about opportunities to raise money for charities that help and support our young people, our community and the wider world.

The children experience democracy and develop their confidence and skills with public speaking by bringing ideas to the class they represent and feeding back ideas, thoughts and feelings about various school related issues as well as upcoming events. They have the opportunity to give their feedback and opinions on the running of the school and any improvements they'd like to see as well as any strengths they also see.