17 May 2024

Image of Fairground Fun with Sparrows

Across the last two weeks, Sparrows have been working hard to investigate Fairground rides allculminating in them creating their own. They have evaluated existing rides, used circuits and construction materials to investigate pulleys, built prototypes, designed their own version and built them.


Lesson 2 - They worked well within their groups to investigate pulleys. This allowed them to understand how electrical circuits work in conjunction with pulleys and belts to enable rides to move. 

Lesson 3 - From this they begun to think about the structural framework of rides and how they need to be constructed to be secure, stable and usable. They used basic art materials to create various structures securing them with blue tac or tape.

Lesson 4 - This then lead to discussions within groups about the type of ride they wished to design to eventually create. They had to think about the structural framework as well as the circuitry that would create a rotating part on their ride.

Lesson 5 - Over the course of a couple of afternoons, the children worked well together to use wooden dowelling and saws to build the initial structure and then use art materials to create the rest of their ride. They used the circuits along side pulleys and belts to create rotating parts.


They have all had a fantastic time getting creative, supporting each other, and developing their Design Technology skills.

Posted by FSteele

Tags: Years 5 & 6 Science DT Design Technology