Fairground Fun with Sparrows

Image of Fairground Fun with Sparrows

Across the last two weeks, Sparrows have been working hard to investigate Fairground rides allculminating in them creating their own. They have evaluated existing rides, used circuits and construction materials to investigate pulleys, built prototypes, designed their own version and built…

Years 5 & 6 Science DT Design Technology


STEMazing visit for KS2

Image of STEMazing visit for KS2

Today, Key Stage 2 had the pleasure of a team of inspirational women from STEM.

These inspiration women opened the children's eyes to the wonder of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through an assembly on STEM Superheroes and individual class workshops on Exploring…

Years 5 & 6 Years 3 & 4 Science Maths Design Technology


Year 1&2 Trip To Lydiard Park

Image of Year 1&2 Trip To Lydiard Park


We went on a trip to Lydiard Park. We investigated seasonal change and looked at Lydiard House to link in with our learning on how homes have changed. 


Years 1 & 2 Science History


Year 3 and 4- Digestion System

Image of Year 3 and 4- Digestion System

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed making the digestion system and looking at the different stages.

Years 3 & 4 Science